Performing Arts

All programs require that a Parental Consent Form be signed by a parent/guardian and returned to your high school counselor.

After you’ve completed your Pioneer online application and returned the Parental Consent Form to your high school counselor, your next step is to contact Mrs. Kurtzman, Lead Teacher for the Performing Arts Program, and schedule an audition. She can be reached at 419-347-7744, ext. 42788 or by email at

For your audition, you will be required to perform a selection of approximately 2-3 minutes from your chosen discipline (music, dance, theater, film).

We will not have an accompanist available but will have a keyboard or CD player. If you're singing to a CD, please use a karaoke CD, not one with vocals.

You must also bring to your audition:
Thank you for your interest in our Performing Arts Program!