Exercise Science

You have now completed step one of the Exercise Science/Sports Medicine application process. Please be sure to complete the Parental Consent Form and return it to your high school guidance counselor as soon as possible. Your application will then be reviewed by our Admissions Team.

Acceptance into the Exercise Science/Sports Medicine program will be “pending” until a physical is completed and successfully passed. Please be aware that a physical is only valid for one year and your physical must be valid for the entire school year. To ensure your physical will remain valid for the entire school year, we recommend that you schedule your physical between May and August. A sports physical is acceptable. Please be assured that you will not lose your spot while waiting for your physical, but it is crucial that we receive a copy of your completed physical as soon as possible. Once we receive a copy of your physical, you will receive another letter stating that you have been accepted to the program. Thank you for your interest in our Exercise Science/Sports Medicine Program!